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Kid wearing football gear and holding sports mouthguard at at Cascade Dental Care in Longview, WAMouthguards are extremely important for protecting you or your child while engaging in sports and other recreational activities. Over five million teeth are dislodged annually. Approximately 13-39% of these injuries are from participation in various sports.

Preventative dentistry is far more than regular dental cleanings and dental exams. Protecting your child from dental trauma is also important. Our team at Cascade Dental Care can provide your child with a custom mouthguard that will protect their smile and your wallet.

What Does a Mouthguard Do?

A mouthguard protects your teeth by forming a protective layer around them. They are generally made of plastic and only cover the top row of teeth. Our custom mouthguards protect both the top and bottom teeth by preventing them from striking one another during impact, and by absorbing the shock of impact by foreign objects.

There are three basic types of mouthguards available. The cheapest, and least effective, type of mouthguards are stock mouthguards. These mouthguards are designed to be used straight out of the packaging and are not formed to fit the mouth.

Another type of mouthguard that can be purchased directly from stores is the “boil and bite” style of mouthguard. These mouthguards offer slightly better protection than the non-fitted stock mouthguards. However, these mouthguards become compromised if you do not properly complete the fitting process, opening your child up to unnecessary risk of dental injury.

The safest type of sports mouthguards available are custom-fit mouthguards, such as the kind made in our office. During your child’s visit, one of our team members will make a mold of their teeth. The mold will be used to create the custom mouthguard. This is the longest lasting and most protective type of mouthguard.

When Is a Mouthguard Needed?

A sports mouthguard is needed for a variety of sports and recreational activities. Most people think of full-contact sports, such as football, when considering getting a mouthguard for their child or themselves. Mouthguards are also beneficial in any sport or recreational activity that may result in forceful contact or trauma to the teeth and mouth.

For example, baseball and basketball are not full-contact sports. Despite the limited contact, these two sports are responsible for many pediatric dental injuries on an annual basis. One of our professionals can discuss your child’s activities with you and offer further feedback on the use of a sports mouthguard.

When Should I Replace My Mouthguard?

The longevity of you or your child’s mouthguard will depend on a variety of factors. One of the cheaper mouthguard options listed above will likely last approximately six months and will break down quickly. They also offer far less protection when compared to a custom mouthguard.

A custom mouthguard provided by our team will last roughly three to five years if properly cared for. The initial investment of a custom mouthguard may be higher than store-bought options. Despite a higher initial cost, these custom mouthguards will protect your child’s teeth from trauma and prevent the need for costly dental repairs.

Do not put your child’s smile at risk by using a value bin mouthguard. Schedule an appointment with our team at Cascade Dental Care today by contacting us at 360-916-4200.
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Do not put your child’s smile at risk by using a value bin mouthguard. Schedule an appointment with our team at Cascade Dental Care in Longview, WA today.
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