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Multiple Tooth Implant
Longview, WA

Computer rendering of the All-on-4® treatment from Cascade Dental Care in Longview, WAIf you’re looking for a secure replacement option for most, or all of your teeth, a multiple tooth implant known as the All-on-4® treatment could be the right fit for you. At Cascade Dental Care we can make dental implants natural-looking and build that smile you are looking for.

The All-on-4 Treatment Concept can be used to replace teeth in the upper jaw, the lower jaw, or both. It is a solution for patients who have lost all, or most of their teeth. If there are any teeth left in the jaw, these are removed during the procedure.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for the All-on-4?

For anybody that finds dentures troublesome, the All-on-4 is a great alternative. Dentures may be ill-fitting, loose, prone to slipping, and uncomfortable. This may impact how you talk, what you eat, and even whether you smile, potentially affecting your confidence.

The All-on-4 is affixed permanently to the dental implants, where they look, feel, and act just like your own teeth. There is no need to worry about it becoming loose and messy. You will not have to worry about adhesives again.
The procedure is carried out in a surgical environment under a local anesthetic, or conscious sedation. A patient being in good general health is essential. However, so too is the health of a patient's mouth.

Our dentists will carry out all the necessary preliminary tests and assessments to determine a full health profile of the structures in your mouth, soft tissues, and bone. If you have any active gum disease or tooth decay, these will be dealt with before you have the surgery for the All-on-4.

A particular problem for patients with tooth loss is periodontitis. This is an advanced form of gum disease whereby the supporting structures of the teeth, including gums and bone, are destroyed by the disease.

Gum disease, in its early stages, causes inflammation in the gums around the base of the teeth. If it is not dealt with the disease advances, causing the gums to recede and pockets to form around the teeth. As it progresses, the disease continues to destroy the soft tissues around the tooth, until it gets into the jawbone. At this stage, gum disease is advanced, and the jawbone is eroded which leads to tooth loss. If your jaw has substantial bone loss, you may not be a good candidate for an All-on-4, without a bone grafting procedure.

People who smoke are not good candidates for dental implants. When implants are first placed the tissues surrounding them need nutrients and oxygen to heal. Smoking reduces blood flow, and so the required oxygen and nutrients that are transported around the body in the blood is decreased. This can have a catastrophic effect on newly-placed implants, causing them to fail.

What is the Treatment Process for All-on-4?

There are three distinct steps in the All-on-4 treatment. First, the consultation and planning stage is comprehensive, and an important factor in the success of the treatment. Next, is the treatment day, and the last stage is the final restoration where your new, permanent arch of teeth is attached.

Usually, several months elapse between treatment day and final restoration, which is needed for the implants and bone to integrate. During the final restoration, you will be fixed with a temporary set of dentures until the new device is ready to be placed. The whole process takes around 3 months, although sometimes it may be longer.

Find out more about multiple dental implants including the All-on-4 Treatment Concept as well as single tooth implants at Cascade Dental Care by calling us at 360-916-4200.
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Find out more about multiple dental implants including the All-on-4 Treatment Concept as well as single tooth implants at Cascade Dental Care by calling now!
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